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Animals and Rental Properties

Animals and Rental Properties

If you have a furry family member and are looking for a rental property, be sure to ask a lot of questions, such as

  1. What is the Liz Moore and Associates pet policy for renters?
  2. Is there a pet deposit or fee?
  3. Can I have more than one pet?
  4. Is there a weight limit?
  5. Is there a fenced-in yard?

While each rental property has different requirements, these are all questions that you want to know the answer to before signing a lease. Here at Liz Moore and Associates Property Management, all pets must be approved and are at the property owners’ discretion. Should the property owner accept, additional deposit and rent are collected. Be sure to have an open and honest conversation with your property manager to ensure you follow all the health and safety guidelines.

While you are living at the rental, it is your responsibility to take care of both the inside and outside of the home! Here are some Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to making it easier to take care of your rental property while living with a pet!


  • PET PROOF YOUR LIVING SPACE: Dogs & cats have a mind of their own, so make sure to pet proof the home (hide loose wires, remove any toxic plants, cover small gaps that they could sneak into, etc.)
  • MAKE SURE YOUR PET GETS PLENTY OF EXERCISE: Be available to exercise and play with your pet so they do not get destructive! Take them on walks, get them interactive pet toys, or take them to a local pet friendly park.
  • DO GROOM YOUR PET OFTEN: If you have a pet that has a lot of hair and sheds frequently, make time to brush them or take them to a groomer so it does not build up in the rental property.


  • DON’T LIE TO YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER ABOUT HAVING A PET: It can sometimes be difficult finding a pet-friendly rental, but the last thing you should do is sneak in a pet. Liz Moore and Associates Property Management has rules in place for the protection of both our owners and our tenants. Sneaking a pet into a rental property can result in an eviction or additional fines, so it can be costly.
  • DON’T ALLOW YOUR PET TO MAKE UNNECESSARY NOISE: Consider your neighbors. Try to get your pets energy out during the day so they aren’t making too much noise late at night when your neighbors are trying to sleep!
  • DON’T LET YOUR PET USE THE BATHROOM IN THE HOUSE: We all know accidents can happen but be sure to take your pets out at reasonable times. If you have a cat, have a designated bathroom spot (away from the carpet) and clean frequently.

Pets vs. Service or Assistance Animals

  • Pets are not a protected class, so property owners can choose what kind of animals they will allow including size, breed, number etc. Additional fees and/or deposit can be charged.
  • Service or Assistance Animals are a protected class. Tenants must provide proper documentation proving that the animal qualifies as either a Service or Assistance Animal. Owners may not charge additional fees or deposits for either of these.
  • Regardless of whether the animal is a pet, service, or assistance animal, Tenants must sign the pet addendum and all pet owners are held responsible for the requirements related to such with regards to control, care and move out responsibilities.

While having a pet is fun, renting with a pet can be a tricky situation. Consider the breed, activity level, and area when choosing a rental property so you can find the perfect home for you and your pet!

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