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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance in December is more than putting up lights and decorating the tree. Nothing dampens the spirit of the season like unexpected home repairs. Make sure to check off these items so you can spend the holidays with the family. 

Exterior Checklist 

  1. Repair outdoor steps and check handrails
  2. Clear roof of debris
  3. Avoid Ice Dams
  4. Seal Leaky Doors & Windows
  5. Weatherproof exterior pipes
  6. Check the fireplace & chimney

Interior Checklist

  1. Switch fan blades to turn clockwise
  2. Inspect oven & range before holiday cooking. 
  3. Clean out Refrigerator
  4. Clean your dryer vents 
  5. Check Electrical System
  6. Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  7. Set up Holiday decorations

If you are worried about winterizing your home and don’t know the steps to take, contact Liz Moore and Associates Property Management team, and we can get you in touch with some of our preferred venders. Happy winter and stay warm!

Photo by Nathan Moore from Pexels

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